Keeping a close eye on your technology 365/24/7 freeing you to concentrate on your business.

Is your small business revenue suffering under the load of a poor economy?
Tired of wanning effectiveness with the dollars you spend on print ads?
Have loyal customer referals slowed down as your overall revenue drops?

Workstation Monitoring and Optimization

We will perform weekly maintenance to the workstations in your organization. Service packs and updates that have previously been tested at our office will be deployed. Temporary files that often stack up slowing down computers will be deleted also. Daily software audits will keep track of all software loaded on workstations. We will also make sure Anti-Malware software is up to date and functioning properly.

Server Monitoring and Optimization

We will be monitoring all aspects of your servers around the clock. This allows us to anticipate possible issues with a small fix proactively as opposed to waiting until many of your users experience some type of downtime and reacting while your users twiddle their thumbs. Weekly updates to installed software from our (text missing).

Network Monitoring

We will be monitoring your network infrastructure (switches, hubs, Internet) around the clock to ensure stability.

Firewall Management

We make sure your network stays secure from outside threats by monitoring your firewall 365/24/7 looking for suspicious behavior. We provide monthly reports detailing suspicious user behavior that originates from within your organization.

Vulnerability Testing

We will actively scan your network for holes, potential exploits and suspicious activity. Each month your business will receive a report detailing problems found and remedied (if possible).

Help Desk

We provide unlimited help to all your users whether they have a simple e-mail question or a complex Excel computation.


We provide training to customers on common applications and tasks.

Easy Support

Your users can directly contact us via Web, Phone, E-Mail, Fax or Twitter. A real-time reporting system allows you the flexibility to check in on service incidents and resolutions.


We provide real-time reports on exactly how your systems are doing and what we have been doing.

Disaster Plan

We properly document your entire network and construct a disaster recovery plan.

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